What We Do...

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All Packages Include:

Coverage of the wedding day from preparation to first dance (or 2100hrs, whichever is first). Optional 2nd photographer.
Natural and candid images throughout the day.
Informal creative portraits of the Bride and Groom
DVD or USB of full resolution images with printing rights (approximately 500 images)
Optional Photojournalist Wedding Album.
10% non refundable booking fee (This is included as part of the total package cost, and locks your cost at current prices, )
If you ordr an album, it usually takes about six weeks to prepare
Payments are made in three instalments, three months before, two months before and a month before the wedding. Each invoice is payable within twenty eight days.
The emailed invoice will allow you to pay online, but will also provide details on how to pay by cheque should you wish to do so.

*Failure to pay two consecutive invoices will result in the booking being cancelled following a reminder email.

Preparation of the Bride

We arrive 2hrs before the service time, allowing us to capture all those little things that go into the preparation for your big day. From the makeup artist and hair stylist, to the good luck cards and gifts. Not to forget the dress, shoes, jewellery and bits and bobs that are so important. This is a time of day that is the epitome of excitement and anticipation, and yet the memories seems to dim so quickly with time.

The Service

Whether it’s a church, registry office or a civil ceremony, we make every effort to blend in seamlessly, unobtrusively capturing the atmosphere and the moment. We don’t use flash during the service, as the regular flashing light can be extremely distracting for both you and your guests, and can also bleach any atmospheric lighting used in some of the venues. Once we take up position, usually one at the front, and a second photographer at the rear, we don’t move. Again, movement can create a distraction, when all eyes should be on you. An optional 2nd photographer can capture great views of the back of the dress, as you walk down the aisle, along with those candid images of the congregation.

The Groups

These can be done either at the church/registry office, or at the venue, it’s up to you. It’s worthwhile preparing a list of the important groups ahead of the day, and giving a copy to both ourselves, and the Best Man. Why? Because he will know at least half the people there, and will be able to organise the groups far quicker as we take the photographs. This saves an enormous amount of time, and means you will be back with the congregation in no time at all. Whilst Michael photographs the groups, an optional 2nd photographer is able to move quietly amongst the guests, capturing those candid images we all love. Whether it’s Uncle Joe telling that same joke for the eighth time, or those darling little children destroying the hotel! They’re the kind of events you tend not to have noticed on the day, because you are just so busy. It’s up to us to ensure you at least get to see some of those things after the event. This is why a second photographer is so important.

The Wedding Breakfast

Before the wedding breakfast, we take the opportunity to photograph the room and settings, capturing all the little details that you have painstakingly put in place for your big day, and the enjoyment of your guests. A lot of those same details will disappear within minutes of your guest taking up their seats. Those favours you spent so much time deliberating over will likely be gone before you even get to sit down! At least we can provide you with the imagery for you to look back on. We will photograph the speeches, whether before or after the meal. However, once the meal is being served, we will retreat and have our own meal, as no one likes to be photographed with a spoon in their mouth, even if it’s silver!

The Bridal Portrait

The Bridal Portrait session is where our skills can really shine. No matter the weather, if you are game, then so are we. We have produced iconic images for hotels and brides alike, in bright sunshine, overcast skies, rain and snow! Whilst it’s these images that have created our reputation as one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers, it doesn’t define our abilities, and nor should you believe this is all that we do. We tailor our photography to your needs and desires, whatever they may be.

The First Dance

Quite often, the first dance is immediately preceded by the cutting of the cake, which draws the attention of family and friends, before embarking on the first dance. This is where our lowlight abilities come into their own, allowing the capture of vibrant atmospheric images that truly capture the mood and emotion of your first dance together as a married couple.

What Album Packages do we Offer?

Off the shelf, or bespoke?


We offer several packages, at various prices, although we also realise packages can be restrictive.

The listed packages may be exactly what your looking for, or perhaps a good starting point for something you would like to develop to suit your needs. Whatever you would like to create that’s best suited for you, just ask, as I’m sure we can help create exactly what you are looking for.

The base package is our images only package. Supplied with a USB presentation case, or DVD presentation case, as preferred. You can then choose to add an album option if you prefer. You also have the option for a second photographer, which we do recommend, enabling us to capture those candid images.

The purchase prices seen below is the booking fee, which is 10% of the total cost.

Images Only Package £1,500

Second Photographer £300

Coffee Table Album £300

Graphistudio Premium Album Package £600

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