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at Engagement shoots!

Engagement Shoots


Engagement shoots are great!

This is quite likely the first time you will both have had a professional photographer shoot you both together. Whilst you may believe you might find it awkward or embarrassing, or you may believe you just don’t have the confidence; We have found the opposite to be true when we’ve asked couples as to how they felt about the experience once finished.

It lets you both experience time in front of the camera, at a favourite location and spending some relaxed time together. It also gives you an insight as to what to expect on the big day itself, and is a good way to get to know your photographer. It’s also a nice way to celebrate your love for each other and have some images to announce your engagement to the world, via social media such as Facebook etc..

Our area for Engagement photography is basically Manchester, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria, although we have travelled much further on request.

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