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at Treasure or Trash the Dress Shoots!

Treasure or Trash the Dress


This is often requested by brides who either simply want to wear their dress again, or possibly didn’t have the opportunity to get Bridal portraits on their wedding day. Whatever the reason, we can create beautiful, creative images for you.

On location or in the studio? It’s up to you, but so far, anyone wanting this additional session has chosen to shoot on location because of the creative opportunities available.

Some merely want to wear the dress again, and create beautifully crafted portraits, whilst others have specific ideas or theme they would like to pursue. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t have the opportunity to get the type of wedding images that we provide.

And just occasionally, we meet the brides that just want to have some riotous fun with water, colour or anything else that comes to mind!!!!

Whatever you have in mind, and wherever you want to shoot it, we can certainly help.

Between 2-3hrs.

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