The Great Hall at Mains is a timber-framed building, built to replicate an original Banqueting Hall that was on the same site over 500 years ago.
Complete with beautiful landscaped gardens and able to cater for quite large groups.

Wedding Photography Opportunities


This new Great Hall incorporates the best of the historic aspects of the site and Mains Hall Manor (now used as accommodation for clients and group bookings) whilst meeting the expectations and needs of current guests.

The timber frame building blends comfortably with huge modern windows, which let in enormous amounts of light, which is a great when considering the photography requirements during the wedding service, and the wedding breakfast speeches etc. These same panoramic windows afford superb views of the gardens, which again should be fully exploited by your photographer for the bridal portrait session later. If they are able to light you, then all the better, as the beautiful gardens can provide a lush and varied environment, although the high trees can cause problems for the photographer without lights.

If the you are staying in the main house, then there are some amazing opportunities within the building for bridal portraits. However, as this is a traditional mansion, the windows are quite small with large stone stanchions, which does impact on the available light, so additional light will certainly help you get those creative images that you really deserve with a setting such as this.

The staff are very accommodating and are quietly at hand throughout the day, hovering just on the periphery.

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