At all-times of the year Barton Grange Hotel provides a great location for your wedding celebrations. Ideally located, just minutes from the M6 and a short drive from Preston and Lancaster, this beautiful venue offers everything. Don’t be fooled by the appearance as you first arrive. The large car park in front of the hotel may well appear to isolate it, but it’s actually a huge bonus. Your guests will have no problems at all with parking, and you will also find it increases your privacy, ensuring your day, is exactly that.
The hotel is set in the heart of the Lancashire countryside and with 2 private wedding gardens available, they provide a fantastic backdrop for your photographs. The gardens are maintained throughout the year by their own landscaping company.
Even though the seasons are clearly defined, the weather we have come to expect can take us by surprise! Spring months can sometimes provide more sunshine than the Summer months, but if they don’t, there is an original Pannelled Lounge, with beautiful oak pannelling and a roaring fire, for those couples who don’t want to brave the weather (although we excel at creative imagery in ALL weather!).


Wedding Photography Opportunities


Barton Grange Hotel has some very special, if a little hidden, locations for your wedding photography. Most photographers know of the walled garden around the back of the hotel, with it’s snug and private atmosphere, which is great for both group and bridal portrait sessions. There are several little areas within the walled garden that make lovely little set pieces for your bridal portrait session, and can easily be utilised with natural light in summer, and yet come alive on dark evening in winter with good lighting skills.

There’s also a lovely little hidden gem of a garden at the front of the hotel that almost all photographers tend to miss, which is a huge opportunity lost. There’s a wonderful trellis covered walkway, which can be lit beautifully, along will a gorgeous flower covered archway as the entrance to the garden. The main issue is due to a lack of light, and this may well be why most photographers don’t make use of it. Personally? I love it!

There are some example images below from the front garden, and particular the aforementioned trellis walkway. Definitely one of my favourite areas.

The hotel interior also has several nooks and crannies that lend themselves very nicely to creating quite beautiful and unique imagery for the bride and groom. The dark oak panelled room behind the reception has a very traditional stately feel to it, and needs a good bit of thought to really get the most out of the room, and definitely needs sympathetic lighting.


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